How do we classify different kinds of webbings?

How do we classify webbings01

There are a wide variety of webbings, widely used in various industrial departments such as clothing, shoe materials, luggage, industry, agriculture, military supplies, transportation, etc. The raw materials used for weaving gradually developed into nylon, polyester, polypropylene, spandex, and viscose, forming three major types of process technologies: machine weaving, weaving, and knitting.

The fabric structure includes plain, twill, satin, jacquard, double layer, multi-layer, tubular, and combined organization.

Classification of webbing:

Classified by material

There are nylon/Teflon/PP polypropylene/acrylic/cotton/polyester/spandex/light silk/rayon webbings etc.
The most widely used materials for webbing is Nylon and PP. The distinction between nylon and PP webbing: Generally, nylon webbing is woven first and then dyed, so the color of the cut yarn will turn white due to uneven dyeing. However, PP webbing, as the yarn is dyed first and then woven, will not have the phenomenon of the yarn turning white. Compared to PP fabric, nylon webbing has a shiny and soft texture. It can also be distinguished by the chemical reaction of combustion. Generally, the price of nylon webbing is higher than that of PP webbing.

Acrylic webbing is composed of two materials: Teflon and cotton

The price of cotton ribbon is generally higher.

Classified by weaving methods:

According to weaving methods, there are three major categories. plain, twill, satin, and miscellaneous. PP webbing such as plain weave, small ripple, twill weave, safety belt, pit weave, bead weave, jacquard, etc. can be divided into 900D/1200D/1600D according to the thickness of the yarn. At the same time, we should pay attention to the thickness of the webbing which also determines its unit price and toughness.

Classified by application:

Webbing for clothing, webbing for shoes(shoelaces) , webbing for luggage, webbing for safety use, and other special webbing, etc.

Classified by its feature or characteristics:

According to the characteristics of the ribbon itself, it is divided into two categories: elastic ribbon and rigid ribbon (non-elastic ribbon) .

Classified by its process:

According to the process, it is mainly divided into two categories: woven tape and knitted tape.
Ribbon, especially jacquard ribbon, is somewhat similar to the fabric label process, but the fabric label is fixed by the warp yarn and the pattern is expressed by the weft yarn; The basic weft of the ribbon is fixed, and the pattern is expressed by the warp. It uses a small machine, and each printing, production, threading, and adjustment of the machine may take a long time, and the efficiency is relatively low. But it is possible to produce a wide variety of dazzling products, unlike cloth labels that always have a few different faces. The main function of the ribbon is decorative, and some are functional. Such as popular mobile phone straps. After weaving the tape, various text/patterns can also be screen printed, which is generally cheaper than directly weaving the text/patterns.

Classified by its structure:

Ribbon is mainly divided into the following categories according to its structure.

1) Elastic Belt: Hooked Edge Belt/Strap Elastic Belt/Twill Elastic Belt/Towel Elastic Belt/Button Door Elastic Belt/Pull Frame Elastic Belt/Anti slip Elastic Belt/Jacquard Elastic Belt
2) Rope belt category: round rubber band rope/needle through rope, PP, low elasticity, acrylic, cotton, hemp rope, etc.
3) Knitted tape: Due to its unique structure, it refers to the lateral (dimensional) elasticity and is mainly used for edging of knitted tape
4) Letter Band: Polypropylene Material, TikTok Letter, Double sided Letter, TikTok Letter Round Rope, etc.
5) Herringbone strap: transparent shoulder strap, gauze strap, thread strap
6) Luggage webbing: PP webbing, nylon edging, cotton webbing, rayon webbing, acrylic webbing, jacquard webbing…
7) Velvet tape: Elastic velvet tape, double-sided velvet tape
8) various cotton edging, lace

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